Why are the 5 P’s of the Marketing Plan important?

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5 P’s Of Marketing

The Marketing Mix 5 P’s is a significant tool to build impressive and successful marketing strategies for your sign business. It helps you ponder and work upon the areas that might need rework and updates for the business to improve on, meeting the needs of target audiences, adding value to the brand, and helping your product/ service to stand out.

The five areas to look into are PRODUCT, PRICE, PROMOTION, PLACE, PEOPLE.


It refers to the product line or services provided by a certain business. Now the key elements that need to be looked into are Functionality, Packaging, Quality, Branding, service, Aesthetics, warranty.

When incorporating changes you should keep in mind things like customer experience, benefits, range.

For example, if you own a beauty brand make sure your foundation range covers maximum skin tones and types.


It refers to the way you set standards for pricing your products or services. It should be inclusive of your overall costs, advertising prices, discounts, sale prices, credit terms, or beneficial payment plans.

The pricing will heavily be affected by the positioning of your business in the industry.


It refers to the activities that promote and make your brand visible to the consumer/customer. This includes advertising, sponsorship, public relations activities such as collaborations, publications etc.

Since promotions can be cost-consuming one needs to analyze making it budget-friendly. It is of equal importance for one to understand whether promoting is a requirement for the brand to reach their target customer or not.


It refers to platforms and places where the business had made a sale, distributed amongst the target, recognized. The decision of making changes in this aspect should be done by keeping distribution channels and chains that reach the target, under consideration.

It is very crucial to make sure that the accessibility of the brand is easy enough for even a person who is not abundantly aware of the market.


It refers to the salesperson, business associates, staff, and people who work for you. While taking decisions in this matter, one should always keep in mind how you want your target market to perceive your terms and relations with your employee.

The application of 5p’s will certainly boost up your business.

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