Encouraging Diversity in Advertising Campaigns is more important in Indian!

Diversity in Indian Advertising!

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2 min readApr 21, 2021

Diversity and India go hand in hand despite the differences, India still speaks in unison. The roots of diversity are so ancient, that it’s nearly impossible to trace it down.

Indian advertising shares the same narrative, a journey that started centuries ago is seeped with amazing stories, and has evolved along the way.

The evolution in Indian advertising is Prodigious- from the devious display of stereotypes to breaking gender roles to using the taboo to speak out loud, to use emotion as a weapon to strike the goal.

Well, it incorporated many-colored faces, many nuggets, and undeniable brilliant brains to make the market of Indian advertising of good repute as it stands today.

From print screens to digital displays it has traveled a long way and there would be no harm calling it the change catalyst of India, as ads touch so many facets of our lives, the consumer- commercial sync has now become inseparable.

Today will be talking about the different inclusivity in the spectrum of Indian ads

Emotion throw the ball in your court

We all humans are emotional, but when we talk about India, let me remind you of the fact that we have a major in Emotional connection.

We all have grown up fed with different folktales, stories, fables all driven by emotion, be it fear, sadness, happiness, and most of all fantasy.

That, therefore, builds a very vocal ground of exaggerated emotion for us, which means we express out loud.

Thus advertising built around emotional drive usually works in the favor of the product.


Beliefs and Myths

India is a country propelled by beliefs and Myths and that doesn’t remain to just talks, people even practice it in their daily lives.

Now connecting it with advertising might be a tricky task to execute but once done with perfection can do wonders for the brand.


Stereotypes and their trails

Advertising forefronts are experiencing shifts in Gender roles and breaking boundaries recently in a country like India where downright misogyny has had its issues for a very long period.

Bow to humor

The walls of stereotypes are bricked all around the Indian culture, now how can one use it in their favor while advertising?

The strategy is to embrace the stereotype for example any stereotype that is built for women, men can be shown switching roles in a humorous manner.

  • Domino’s “Mothers day ad”


  • Safed teeka- Ponds


  • Horlicks ad


  • Wild Stone Talc

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