Words as Weapon: The Copywriter’s Copy Their words

Copywriters and copy their weapon

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3 min readApr 19, 2021

Did you know that a person’s attention is even less than that of a goldfish, YES!!!

You heard it,

Now communicating with such a short span in hand can be a tricky business, that’s when the art of writing copies play its game, well there are so many brilliant examples to support that statement and we surely will make you drive through them but before that let’s talk about

Some of the greatest copywriters of all time and their approach to nail it

David Ogilvy-3

Well even if you’re new to this business, this is the name to start with, it would be no wrongdoing the nutshell intro by calling him the “Father Of Advertising”

His Practice included precisive research, knowing your audience is the first and most important approach, and then your turntables but writing to target them with their own language.

Creativity and uniqueness were other of his specialties he always spoke about how Thinking out of the box, was the byproduct of being a rebel, and also taking risks is important if you want to make it big.

Example- dove is one-quarter moisturizing


Gary Halbert-2

The writer firmly believed that copywriting is an art where you learn to deliver “what your customer already wants”, so when you closely read his writing and examples of his work.

You will see that he greatly empathizes with people’s desire, the idea was to write in a way to make them believe that your product is what they desire.

Eugene Schwartz-2

Simplicity does the trick, the writing style of this writer had a very simple and direct approach, if we had to quote him that will be “Write to the chimpanzee brain — simply and directly.”

Eugene Schwartz said, “Talk about what your product ‘does’, not ‘is’ — and demonstrate this.”

The whole idea of the statement is to deliver this message that when you’re writing a copy make sure you bring in the best of it in the spotlight, so the consumer already feels like he’s already getting something of value just by reading it

John Caples

The most frequent reason for unsuccessful advertising is advertisers who are so full of their own accomplishments (the world’s best seed!) that they forget to tell us why we should buy (the world’s best lawn!).

~ John Caples

The rule of “You”, Now what is that one needs to understand this idea that and even though it is pretty obvious for companies to talk about what is their product all about,

However the consumer/customer isn’t interested in the efforts you’ve put in, in fact, they want to what’s in it for them, so while writing one should use “You” at least twice or comparatively more than “we”.

Joseph sugarman-2

When people perceive general statements as puffery or typical advertising babble, those statements are at best discounted or accepted with some doubt. By contrast, statements with specific facts can generate strong credibility.

~ Joe Sugarman

Facts add up the value in copywriting, the concept is that when you say that your service is excellent and your product is one of a kind, well that is a bland statement until you add the factual details to it, because your need to assure your customer as to how and why is your product excellent.

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